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電子論壇第75期:Tuning the high-frequency electromagnetic performance of magnetic/dielectric composites

作者:隆麗萍 發布時間:2019-05-28 來源:學科建設與研究生管理辦公室 主講人:吳琛


主 題:Tuning the high-frequency electromagnetic performance of magnetic/dielectric composites  


  時 間:2019529日(周三)16:00

  地 點:清水河校區圖書館Δ廳


  Response of a material to external electromagnetic (EM) field can vary from polarization, conductive loss and resonance, etc. Maximizing the entrance and conversion of the EM wave is critical for wave absorbing materials. Magnetic alloys with synergetic effects of magnetic and dielectric effects serve as an important category. Their application however, is restrained by the Snoek limit, poor impedance match and large density. Here we took three strategies including templating, heteronucleation and confinement to achieved dispersive growth of magnetic nanoparticles close to single domain size, which gives rise to large surface anisotropy and enhanced natural resonance over a wide frequency range. The introduction of dielectric component and microstructural design of hollow spheres, nanoflowers and porous structure allows tuned impedance and reduced density of the composites. Perspective work have also been proposed in three aspects, include enhancing in-plane anisotropy for magnetic flakes, introducing room temperature magnetism in d0 dielectric materials for synergetic effects, as well as the fabrication of flexible EM wave absorbing devices.



   吳琛: 浙江大學副教授、博士生導師。2006年獲上海交通大學學士學位,同年赴英國牛津大學攻讀博士,于20111月獲材料科學博士學位千赢国际平台。20112013年,于牛津大學材料系任博士后研究員千赢国际平台。201312月加入浙江大學材料科學與工程學院,主要研究方向為磁性復合材料及其寬頻應用。近5年研究成果包括:在Acta Materialia, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Physical Review B 等期刊發表SCI論文40余篇;受邀撰寫英文專著1章,由Springer出版社發表在‘Oxide Materials at the Two-Dimensional Limit’一書中;作為主要發明人,申請國際PCT專利1項,授權國家發明專利20余項;獲2016年國家技術發明二等獎(排名第二)。